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Hear what the fans are saying:


Oh wow!! I am so impressed by you. Very hooked on your album. It's really good. Thinking I need to start your official fan club if there isn't one already.
-Courtney T
Absolute jams! Hope there is another one...
-Stephen T
Album is bumping. Just wanted to say thanks for being honest with your music. Thanks for being who you are, unapologetically.
-Jeff H
Audio quality is stupid good...
Your album pacing, switching from lighthearted to deeper stuff is very apparent and smooth. "Dear John" hits you right in the gut like a freight train...
The perfectly orchestrated chaos of harmony on "Hey, Pops" and "All In My Head" is gorgeous. I didn't know I loved the "stepping on verses" harmony/chorus before now, but I do....
Loved the album. INFINITELY better than any white dude from the South has ANY right to be.
-Corey K
After having listened to your album twice now, I can honestly say that you are a very, very talented rapper. Great work man!
-Gary L
I underestimated you. Listened to your album today in the car (and) it is excellent, excellent work...
The lyrics are so impressive.
-Josh V
Lyrics are smart, sharp, and witty. Love it.
-Tony V
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